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      Aviation military parts
      High iron fittings
      China's nuclear power pipe embedded floor drain series products
      Address:Yangzhou City,Jiangsu Province,Han Gaoyou City Industrial Zone,stay in town

        Following the industry Machinery Co.,Ltd of Yangzhou City,founded in 1993,the company is located in the famous hometown of double yellow egg-Han stay Gaoyou Zhendian stack industries concentrated in the region ,is located in the historic east side of the Grand Canal-the beautiful Sanyo River(the famous South china Engineerig hub),the emerging two-way four-lane highway-An Dagong wayside plant crossing over,the company is building the Soviet Union from the international Airport-colors village airport within walking distance (ahout 15km ) ,forming a unique water,land and air transportation net-work,location Superior ,the transportaion is very convenient.
        Following the industry Machinery CO,.Ltd of Yangzhou City is a variety of grades of stainless steel,alloy steel ,carbon steel and other non-ferrous metal,precision casting Manufacturing mechanical processing as one medium-sized modern enterprisre joint-stock,precision casting of annual production capacity of 8,000 tons ,is Ministry of Railways Railway production units designated one of the professional products .The registered capital is 20.08 million Yuan,20.08 million Yuan were paid money RMB,covers an area of 20,177 square meters ,has a modern factory 3,construction area of 12,000 square meters ,in the building ,sub floor ,a staff of life ,collective canteens,bathrooms,leisure venues and other modern infrastruc ture facilities,is china’s nuclear industry Corporation,China Ministry of Railways and a number of large state-owned enter-prises in long –term qualifited suppliers.
        I have strong technical force ,with 11 senior technicians,all specially trained more than 30 other technical personnel;production facilities Equipment is advanced,comprehensive,advanced rapid melting furnace 6 frequency sets,18.5m tunner formwork calcination ,the product forms heat Management as one of the hydraulic propilsion Furnace 1 set ,fine sunface treat-ment of products of large track shot blasting machine.a large hook shot blasting machine 3 set .Product quality testing equipment ,facilites,a comprehensive quality assurance system of modern physics and chemistry laboratories ,an international leader in Q6columbus high-performance desttop vacuum-type spark a direct reading spectrometer sets ,JN8608-2002PC carbon and sulfur analyzer one sets JN8628-8A multi-element analyzer all=around a set .Meanwhile ,the company also has investment casting and precision machining of a number of students Production line .The production sacle,prodcution level in a leading position in the domestic counterparts,can produce different requirements of different cuntomes Various grades of stainless,alloy steel ,carbon steel and other non-ferrous metal.precision casting products.
        Following the industry who have gone through a difficult coures of16 years ,after 16 years of hard work ,tenacious struggle to forge ahead ,the market competitveness of large Greatly enhance enterprise development situation and walk considerable generouis.Currently my company han alread entered the country’s top casting level ,leading the ranks of Stability of the domestic market ,some products are exported to the United States,Britain,Spain,Australia,Malaysia,South Korea and stainless steel ,carbon steel and other non-ferrous metals Foundry products in the domestic industry leading position.
        We are very aware of product quality is the life,honest and trustworthy are the basic business of survival,cause we do tomorrow ,I am the public Division is willing to perfect products and best service with your bright future to achieve win-win situation.

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